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    Yak-40 Codling - Transport


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    Yak-40 Codling - Transport

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    Name: Yak-40 "Codling designation OTAN"
    Type: regional jet transport
    Developed: Yakovlev OKB, USSR
    First flight: October 21, 1966
    Crew: 2-3
    Length: 20.36 m
    Height: 6.5 m
    Wing span: 25.0 m
    Wing area: 70.0 m²
    Weight empty: 9 400 kg
    Normal weight: 14 850 kg
    Maximum weight: 17 200 kg
    Maximum speed, km/h: 600
    Cruise speed, km/h: 500
    G limit: -1.7...3.5
    Maximum range, km: 2500
    Commercial range, km, 1350
    Maximum fuel, kg: 3000
    Service ceiling, m: 12 300
    Take-off speed: 185 km/h
    Landing speed: 165 km/h
    Engines: 3×Ivchenko AI-25 turbofans, 14.7 kN (3,300 lbf) each

    The Yakovlev Yak-40 is a small, three-engined airliner that is often called the first regional jet transport aircraft. It was introduced in September 1968 with Aeroflot.

    Built to replace the the Ilyushin Il-12/14, its main design feature was ease of operation outside major airport service areas. It was equipped with a built-in airstair and capable of STOL operations. It also featured a unique S-duct central engine.

    Since the demise of the old Aeroflot, many have been converted from passenger service layout to more luxurious corporate layouts and are in use as corporate and private aircraft.

    Most of the Yak-40s in active service fly in the former Soviet Union and other countries.

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